So you'd like to support me one way or another? Bless you!

Seriously, that's awesome. Here's how you can help me:

Review My Work

I'd greatly appreciate feedback on anything found here, or anything you can find on me in general. Code reviews, proofreadings, advice, you name it. Please keep your critisicms constructive, however.

Hire Me

I'm available for freelance software development and am casually looking for full-time work starting January 2020. If you think I could get your job done, send me an email at or contact me other ways.


I'm not asking for money, but if you were to buy me a coffee, I'd enjoy the heck out of it. When you appreciate something, it's always nice to give a little when you can.

My Bitcoin address is 3FNXztWjdSBe8HFuVtx2qr9vWCpWbkpCdK.