When I have the time, I enjoy working on Free (Libre) Open Source Software, whether it's using, developing, maintaining, packaging, writing documentation, or providing community input.

My homelab is my biggest project with which I host a number of services and practice security hardening.

At the moment it is only a pair of Raspberry Pi's which function as a web server and file server. I have high hopes to add VPN, mail (read: JMAP), XMPP and video rendering servers, and to acquire more powerful hardware to turn it into a mini build farm.


Mimic is an interface for generating text segments based on Markov models trained with the texts of various individual authors. The project is just part of a non-traditional computing initiative by my professor, Timothy Beal.

Written in python, Mimic consists of a Flask-based backend that stores JSONified models of authors' works in a SQLite database and generates output from said models. The frontend retrieves these models and tells the program to use them via HTML forms.


For my Operating Systems final project, I developed client and server terminal chat applications using Go. My implementation is very straightforward, and I have goals to use it as a medium to investigate data transfer protocols.