Hi, I'm Michael, and is my website!

I use this place to learn about server administration while documenting my media, like pictures, writings, and music.

Who am I?

First and foremost, I'm student of computer science at Case Western Reserve University, studying for my Bachelor's of Science. I'll graduate in December 2019, and from there I'll be looking for work.

While at university, I'm an assistant at our Technology Transfer Office.

I volunteer at WRUW-FM, our college radio station, which broadcasts on 91.1 and over the Internet. My current show is The Beat Farm, a graveyard hip-hop segment on Saturday nights, and it's awesome.

Finally, I'm a hobbyist. I like being creative whether through photography, music, or writing. My other hobbies are developing free software and sysadmin'ing my home network.

This website has nothing to do with the island in Georgia, but is a catchy homage to both my home state and the static site generator that first got me hooked on web logging. I've since migrated from Jekyll to Org-Mode.